Meet The Staff

Jodi Schermerhorn, Executive Director joined SPOT in April of 2012 and seeks to make life better for every pet that comes through the clinic doors.  She enjoys working with clients and making them feel they are welcome to ask any questions and get the answers they need to make sure their pets get the best of care. She began her journey at SPOT after working 6 years as a Veterinary Assistant in Bloomington.  Jodi enjoys traveling with her husband who runs a local animal rescue.  She and her husband have spent the past 13 years devoted to caring for over 8,500 needy animals from their rescue.

JodiDogsJodi has a special place in her heart for the dogs of Serbia, whom she supports and visits each year.


AngelaSutherlinAngela Sutherlin, Recovery began working at SPOT in 2014.  She has always had a passion for animal care and she is a perfect fit with the SPOT staff.  Angie is very attentive and loves to care for the animals that come in for surgery.  Angie has an adorable dog named Hayden.  You may also see her working at our vaccination clinics on Monday nights!



JamieJamie Gibson, Office Manager brings 10 years of experience working directly with the public and was a perfect fit at SPOT. Starting as Receptionist at SPOT in 2013, she is now the Office Manager and clients get to know her by name.  Her love of animals started at 7 years old with her first dachshund named Chance. Since then she has added several furry friends to her home. She has a dog named Train, and a feisty cat named Joey. Jamie also shares her home with loving husband Donald, and three sons.


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