SPOT Check-In

SPOT  is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing safe, convenient and affordable spay/neuter services to the community.  The explosive population growth and unchecked animal reproduction creates an overwhelming, financial, emotional and physical demand on our community. We believe that spay/neuter is the answer to reducing the unbelievable number of unwanted and neglected cats and dogs.

reception area at SPOT
Spay/Neuter has many benefits…
ID-10072005-Image courtesy of Witthaya Phonsawat at FreeDigitalPhotos.netIf you Love your Pet fix them… The earlier you spay/neuter your pet the longer they can live. Studies show that fixed pets can live up to 6 years longer.
Frustrated with Behavior problems?   Spay/Neuter prevents spraying, marking, aggression, escaping to find a mate, fighting, roaming, humping, howling all night in heat, messy heat cycles and more.
Want to be a part of the Humane solution?

Millions of pets are euthanized every year.    There are too many pets and not enough homes.  Cats start reproducing as early as 4 months and can have multiple litters every year, with up to 6 kittens in each litter. Dogs start reproducing as early as 6 months and can have up to 2 litters a year, with as many as 12 or more puppies in each litter.

 Spay/Neuter is the most important surgery you can do for your pets!                        

Don’t Delay, Fix your Pets Today!

ID-100133979-Cat & Vet Image courtesy of lemonade FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Did you know that one unspayed cat can be responsible for over 1,500 kittens by age three?

Call 765-795-4336 today to make an appointment today to fix your pet

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